About us

Who we are?

Established in 2019, the DI BOSCo Project is dedicated to fostering connections between growers and consumers of high-quality coffee who share the common values of the Salesian family. Good people, good values, and good coffee: it’s that simple! 


Coffee directly from farmers – from specific families, specific people, from specific hands. The uniqueness depends not only on the quality of the raw material itself, but also on the quality of the people we work with.

Our community

Our beans come straight to our roastery from the farmers who belongs to the Salesian family and its values we work with – from specific farms, specific families, and specific hands. The individuality and simple deliciousness of our coffee (and chocolate!) are a result not only of the exceptional quality of the beans, but also of the quality of the people who harvest them.

Coffee with values

A truly delicious cup of coffee should bring goodness to everyone involved in the journey from ‘bean to cup’. We work hand in hand with our farmers to improve their social conditions and foster a community of support and kindness.