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Best for the Best




It takes hours to create a balanced chocolate dragée, and weeks to make a splendid recipe. Crunchy chocolate balls are made by gradual coating of beans and nuts, layer and layer. A selection of the best chocolate dragée contains pistachios in milk chocolate, almonds in milk chocolate and cinnamon, coffee beans in dark chocolate, roasted almonds and hazelnuts in milk chocolate and cinnamon, almonds in white chocolate with coffee. You cannot get more crunchy experience out of it.


Marzipan – sugar, almonds (50%), almond oil, milk chocolate – dry cocoa solids min. 32%, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk powder, milk fat, soya lecithin, dry whey, aroma 476, dark chocolate – dry cocoa solids min. 47%, pistachios (19%), almonds (20%), cinnamon, hazelnuts (20%), coffee beans, white chocolate – cocoa butter, milk powder, soya lecithin, natural vanilla. May contain traces of vegetables oil, almonds, other cereals, gluten, soya, and sesame.

Allergens: milk, nuts, soya, gluten
Weight: 200 g

Additional information

Weight 255 g
Dimensions 12 × 7.8 × 7.8 cm